Trinity Falls Resident Testimonial - Zee

This is Trinity Falls - Zee Holloway

We are the Holloway Family. We are a family of four, and I have two children. One of them is four. And the other one's six. We chose Trinity Falls because we were looking for a place where we can not only raise our family, but also grow older.

You never really think about being the first family until you get asked that question, like, wow, you were the first family. What does it feel to be number one? The first thing that I think of was that first day that we moved in. And my husband's like, we could do whatever we want. And I was like, shh, there's nobody else here. I was like, oh, yeah.

I think that our most used amenity is going to be the Owen Park. One of the things that we do is we hide kindness rocks there. We refill the neighborhood library, and then I'll usually do face paint superheroes. And we'll have a picnic and then just have them jump off of things so that they can look like they're flying.

There's so many different events at Trinity Falls that make this place special. You can genuinely tell your kids, like, hey, we're going to go see Santa. And it's the same exact Santa that they see since they were babies. And they get to grow up with that. When people say, what's the one thing you like most about your community? You know how I always say there's always someone there willing to help?

So we had a neighbor that was going to go out of town and she's like, hey, do you mind picking up the mail? I was like, yeah, the boys would love it. I was like, you're going to pick up Lorraine's mail? I need my tie. And I was like, okay, I need my jacket, too. So he would sit there outside waiting for the mailman with his little tie on and his little suit jacket off just to go get his job done. And now they hire the boys to get their mail. But it's really cute.

It's really warm me to see that you built that community where it's true and it actually follows through where it says it takes a village. Well, this is our Trinity Falls Village.

My name is Zee Holloway. This is Trinity Falls.