Trinity Falls Resident Testimonial - Tim

This Is Trinity Falls – Tim Cook

So I own a gym in Prosper called Ford Athletics, trained a bunch of athletes, youth, the general population. So fitness is a huge part of my life. Married to my wife, Alyssa, we've been married for two years now. We've known each other for about seven years.

So this being our first home that we're buying, the hardest thing was kind of picking and choosing where we wanted to be. We found the neighborhood just looking for houses, and we kind of want to be out of the city, but close enough to it. And that's the kind of the feel we get with Trinity Falls.

I definitely think one of the most amazing things about Trinity Falls is the nature. Just the trees, just the ponds, the lakes that are out here, the trails, and just really being engulfed in nature and being able to experience that on a day to day.

Our dogs love living in Trinity Falls. Just going on the walks, going on the nature walks. And also the dog park. That's probably one of their favorite things to go do with the dog park being so big, a lot of space for them to run, they can burn all the energy that they need to burn off. My favorite event at Trinity Falls has been the 4 July celebration going on in the parade and then going in the fireworks and the cookout at the pool, and then also the block parties that take place during that weekend. We've definitely been able to enjoy that.

I would say one of my most favorite things about our house is going to be our backyard space that we have just after a long day at work or just stresses of life or in situations where the whole world lets down. We just been able to sit out on the patio and just look out in the clear sky. And like I said, the nature that surround us, we just love that.

So one of the things that appealed to us in the buying process and searching for a home is going to be the school districts, and ISDs that was one of the main things that me and my wife talked about when having future kids is our education. And also knowing that Trinity Falls going to have an elementary school, like right next or within the community, that was a huge pool for us also, being able pick somewhere to where I can carry that fitness from work to home to where I can just destress go jog on the trails or whether it's walking the dogs or going around with my wife.

I'm really able to enjoy this here in this community!