Trinity Falls Resident Testimonial - Megan and Cassie

This Is Trinity Falls – Megan And Cassie

Megan: I fell in love with the Master Plan community, and then when we drove through Downtown McKinney, we knew that this was a really cool place to live, and so we decided to move from Irving across town here to McKinney.

Cassie: So I moved here from Chicago, and to be honest, I wasn't sure about moving to Texas because I really didn't know anything about it, and I'd never been here, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Megan: So Cassie and I met the tiny Tots Club, and we were meeting up at the clubhouse, and our personalities, we just hit it off. One day, she approached me to start a blog.

Cassie: Yeah, so Downtown McKinney is literally, like, ten minutes away from Trinity Falls, and I end up there several times a week I thought, why don't we do a blog about McKinney? Because there are so many restaurants and fun things to do. By starting our blog, ‘Eat, Drink, and Be McKinney’, we sort of are discovering McKinney along the way.

Megan: I mean, we have a lot of farm to table restaurants here and they just use the local farms that are right around here.

Cassie: We've really enjoyed being able to learn more about the souls behind those businesses.

Megan: Kind of like how we're like big family here in Trinity Falls. Same with the business owners, especially Downtown McKinney. So my kids love the yard, and my husband and I love the yard as well because we can be sitting at our table and the kids can basically just run free. And there's a section just for the kids and there's no other restaurants around here that are like that that allow a parent to relax a little and enjoy their time.

Cassie: People feel like they're discovering McKinney with us and we're sharing it in just a really natural way. Know, it's new to us, it's new to you, maybe. So we're sharing it.

Megan: It's a fun place, and even though it's a big city and it's still growing, it still feels like a small, tight knit community. It is fun to eat and drink in McKinney, that's for sure.

Cassie: Yes.

Megan: We are Megan and Cassie.

Cassie: And this is Trinity Falls.