Trinity Falls Resident Testimonial - Matt and Taffney

This Is Trinity Falls – Wilsons

Matt: We are residential real estate agents. Our children both work for us on our team, and we have a couple other agents that work for us as well. We found this neighborhood showing clients and just fell in love with the neighborhood and always said we would move up here if we ever had an opportunity. And the perfect opportunity came up. And we moved up here two years ago.

Taffney: But I think what attracted a lot of our clients over the years is the prices up here are $100,000 less than what you can buy a new house in Allen for now.

Matt: Another great thing about the community is the amount of people that have moved from out of state, coming from all different locations. We have friends that we've met now from California and Chicago and the Midwest. Just a great diversity in the neighborhood is what we love.

Taffney: There are so many builders. When we bring our clients up here, they have so many choices, from price range to floor plans to customizing their houses. I love that all the models are on one street. It makes our life easier, so you can just pop in from salesperson to salesperson. It's been great for our clients.

Matt: Well, we thought at first it was way up here as well, but after making the drive a couple of times, showing clients realized it was less than 15 minutes to my office. The amenities and things that are up here are well worth that drive alone. But there's shopping and there's everything so close. Restaurants, everything is within five minutes. It's not like you have to go far for anything. You kind of have the country feel real close to the city, which we love.

Taffney: I mean, honestly, how many people we stuck in our car and pretty much kidnapped them up here.

Matt: And they bought.

Taffney: Yeah, and they love -- [Crosstalk]

Matt: We brought them up here. They just bought once they got here. The amenity we use the most are the trails kind of unwinding at the end of the day, which we love. Taking our dog for a walk along the trails and enjoying the nature.

Taffney: Just sitting in my office, looking out the window at the wildflowers is wonderful. We are the Wilsons.

Matt: This is Trinity Falls.