Trinity Falls Resident Testimonial - Dianna

This is Trinity Falls - Dianna Heiner

I've lived in McKinney, actually since 2001, but I recently moved to Trinity Falls in November of 2018. When me and my husband were looking for a place to live, we had a checklist, Trinity Falls, just seemed to check that stuff off. You know, I wanted to be able to walk, take a walk out of my house, go get on a trail, and then just go through nature. That's probably the biggest thing that we love about it, is just being able to go out to the lakes and we put a rod in and we fish or we get the kayaks out. And so it really did give us everything that we envisioned it would.

So my favorite events and activities at Trinity Falls, I have lots of them. They have lots to offer, so we love the youth activities. I have a teenager, they've done a zombie run where they have the kids dress up as zombies and chase us down in a 5K. And he just loved it. So it's just being able to get those kids out of the house with the activities. And amongst the teen activities, they have tons of activities for the younger kids too.

I love the lantern thing that was done so where you release the lantern, that was one of my favorites as well. But there's just so much from 5K's to trail walks to come build a pumpkin. I mean, there's just so many different things that they offer out here. I love how Trinity Falls has an amazing community.

So when you go to an event, you always feel included. You feel included whether it's using their app, their page, everybody works together. I really love that we made the choice to move out to Trinity Falls, you know, just being able to have the home of our dreams, being able to be close to nature, but yet five minutes away from everything you need, and it's quiet out here, you know, I run a business, I'm extremely busy and extremely stressed every day. So coming home, being able to take a walk on the trail, watch a sunset, you just can't beat that. It's priceless.

My name is Diana Heiner. This is Trinity Falls.

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