Trinity Falls Resident Testimonial - Bonnie

This Is Trinity Falls – Bonnie Jarosz

We're from Virginia outside of DC. And our son Stephen and his wife Flower live here. And they kept wanting us to move here. And every time we'd come to visit, we'd look at different developments. And it wasn't until they took us here into Trinity Falls, it was just beautiful. It was a country atmosphere. I just knew right away it was for us.

We started our morning out with a cup of coffee and then we take our Lily straight to the clubhouse to see Jillian, Erica and Mike, whom just starts our day with smile. Our Lily gets a little treat and we just share some laughter together, which they're all awesome people. We love them all very much. I can't believe the activities they have for the young children as well as the seniors.

This last 4th of July we had music, all this food, juggling. It was just a blast. My husband and I love to go to downtown Kenny Square. It's an awesome little place filled with shops. And I would say our favorite restaurant is Spoons. It's right on the corner. It's a nice casual place to eat. You can sit outside on a nice day, if you want something a little bit more special.

We go to Rick's Chop house. Everybody gets along. Everybody helps each other out. If you need a cup of sugar, all you have to do is put on the Facebook page. Anybody got any sugar? And somebody's got it for you.

The word community to me means a group of people living in a neighborhood that prayerfully all get along, have different views on politics, religion, but accept each other who they are. My name is Bonnie Jarosz. This is Trinity Falls.

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