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Community tax and hoa Information

Trinity Falls is located in the extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of the City McKinney, Texas (the "City"). The ETJ enables the City to extend its regulations to adjacent land. McKinney's ETJ is essentially the area outside of their corporate limits, but within their ultimate planning area. Generally, it can be thought of as a ring around McKinney which enables the City to regulate subdivision of land and development standards.


Trinity Falls is located in the highly acclaimed McKinney ISD boundaries. Up to four on-site McKinney elementary schools are planned within Trinity Falls with the first locations in Phase 1 with an adjoining park.

Municipal Utility District

Trinity Falls is located within McKinney Municipal Utility District No. 1 and No. 2 (the "District") which is a political subdivision of the State of Texas. Based on an agreement with the City, the District was created to assist the City in providing water, sewer, drainage facilities, road improvements police and fire protection as well as other major infrastructure to the property within the District. The existence of the District satisfies the City's desire to have a development of equal or higher quality as those developments within the City. Due to the cost of creating a higher quality development, Trinity Falls could not provide the level of amenities and services without the District. The District will exist until the City annexes Trinity Falls into the City's corporate boundaries. .


As no property within the District is within any city's limits, property owners in the District do not pay City property taxes. The annual property tax bill from the District replaces the City tax, and is necessary to pay for bonded indebtedness, as well as ongoing maintenance and operations. District rates vary, and typically decline over time as the Districts operating and debt service cost become shared over a larger number of homeowners. Currently, the District's total tax rate is $1.05 per $100 assessed valuation. In addition to the District tax, residents must pay taxes to Collin County, McKinney ISO, and Collin College. The combined tax rate for Trinity Falls' residents is $2.902007 per $100 of assessed valuation. This rate includes: 

  2018 Rates
Collin County $0.180785
McKinney ISD $1.590000
Collin College $0.081222
McKinney MUD No. 1 $1.050000
Total Tax Rate $2.902007


For more information on McKinney MUD No. 1, please visit their website here. Interested in learning more on how a MUD works? Check out this handy overview.


The City provides water and sewer service within the boundaries of the District. Users should contact the City for further information regarding water and sewer rates. 


Explore the Trinity Falls website for more information about the community's location or you can contact our HOA community manager, Jilian Meers at HOAManager@TrinityFalls.com.



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